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HSUS launches campaign to address the inflation-exacerbated pet poverty crisis

Humane Society of the United States

Ollie supports new More Than a Pet campaign to help raise awareness and provide solutions to keep pets happy, healthy and in their loving homes.

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Ollie: The Startup Delivering Healthy Dog Food Straight To Your Door


Assembling a team of trained nutritionists, tech specialists, and manufacturers – Ollie aims to not only reverse a looming stigma surrounding the industry, but establish an adoptable model of trust and transparency with pet parents.

Image of Ollie's Founders with a dog sitting in front

Ollie, a purveyor of ‘human grade’ pet food, just landed $12.6 million in fresh funding


Ollie, a two-year-old, New York-based subscription service that sells what it calls human-grade pet food, has raised $12.6 million in Series A funding. The company certainly takes dog food seriously, promising to customize recipes based on each dog’s “unique needs” as well as recommending the perfect portion and delivering that precise amount of food to its customers’ doors.

Dog eating Ollie fresh food out of a bowl

Dog food startup Ollie raises new round of capital

New York Business Journal

"Most pet parents don’t realize what’s in their dog’s food,” says Douzet. “Ollie Pets Inc. aims to be the 'kibble killer' offering a healthy combination of fresh ingredients that are customized for each dogs’ nutritional needs." Ollie is on schedule to deliver two million meals by the end of next year.

New York Business Journal

Ollie is disrupting the pet food market similarly to how Blue Apron disrupted the dinner table.


Each day there seems to be a new type of food delivery service available at the tap of a smartphone screen, whether it be fast food via Seamless and Square’s Caviar, or learning to cook out-of-a-box like Plated and Purple Carrot. But not all of these services are meant to satisfy the taste buds and meal times for just humans.

Ollie Fresh Food in an Ollie Container

Ollie Pets Hounds $12.6 Million For Customized Dog Food

Wall Street Journal

Pets have everything else, so now they can have customized meals as well. Ollie Pets Inc. aims to be the “kibble killer” offering a healthier solution for dogs’ nutritional needs, said its Chief Executive and co-founder Alexandre Douzet.

The Wall Street Journal

Ollie raises $4.4M to become the Sprig of dog food


Chicken, peas, beef, sweet potatoes and blueberries, the stuff of $40 meals in places like Hayes Valley and Greenwich Village — and starting today, also the stuff of dog food. Ollie, a new startup founded by Alex Douzet, Gabby Slome and Randy Jimenez, is aimed squarely at disrupting the premium pet food space by offering something like a Sprig or Maple for dogs.


This startup is making dog food that's so safe and nutritious, even humans can eat it

Business Insider

What sets Ollie apart, the company says, is the ingredients in its food and how the food is tailored to individual dogs' needs. All the food is prepared in a USDA- and FDA-regulated kitchen, which means it's safe enough for humans to eat.

Ollie's Founders surrounded by dogs

Barking Good! The New Startup Revolutionizing Your Dog's Dinner

Fox Business

On average, dog owners spend over $269 annually on food alone, says the APPA report. Taking a bite out of the rising trend is Ollie, the brand new human-grade dog food home delivery service. Launching today, Ollie hopes health conscious pet parents will jump at this new, unique subscription service.

Fox Business

Dog food delivery service launched funding campaign

Pet Food Industry

Ollie dog food delivery service recently launched a line of dog food marketed as made with human-grade ingredients. The company also launched a seed funding campaign.

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7 Perfect Pet Products Every Animal Owner Needs This October


Ollie customizes recipes based on your dog's unique needs, recommends the perfect portion, and delivers the precise of food to your door ready to serve. It's super easy and gives your dog high-quality food that he'll surely love.

At Ollie, we always keep it real.

Dog food startup Ollie wants to tailor your pup's diet

New York Business Journal

If you could extend your dog's life by changing his diet — and, most likely, paying more in the process — would you? That's part of the pitch being made by Ollie, a new gourmet dog food company based in Manhattan that launches out of beta today.

Two of Ollie's founders surrounded by dogs

New Company Customizes Food Just For Your Dog

The Dodo

A lot of us are super aware of what we're eating and where it's coming from - but what about our dog's food? Ollie is a new company that makes all natural, refrigerated dog food made with fruits, veggies and meats from local, family owned farms.

Dog looking at Ollie fresh food in a bowl
Layout of Ollie food
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The nutrition your dog needs, the food they want.