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Ollie customizes recipes based on your dog's unique needs, recommends the perfect portion, and delivers the precise amount of food to your door ready-to-serve (and devour).

Here's how Ollie Works:



Tell us about your dog (age, weight, breed, allergies!)

How the Profile Works


We customize your dog's recipes based on their profiles.

How Customizing Works


It arrives ready-to-serve on a regular schedule, just stick it in the fridge.

How Delivery Works


Use our custom scoop to easily feed your dog the correct portion.

How Serving Works

Profile makes perfect.

We want to build a real connection with your dog--to understand what feeds their appetite. The profile you create for them allows us to recommend the ideal formula for your pup, because we believe a one-size bag of mass-produced dog food does not fit all.

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Portioned customized recipes.

We take that profile information into account to create the ideal meal that's tailored to your dogs's exact nutritional needs, based on their size, age, breed, body composition, activity level, and allergies. We recommend a precise portion based on calories, taking the guesswork out of how much you should feed them.

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Delivered ready-to-serve

We deliver your dog's food on a regular schedule, so you always have the amount you need (no more late night runs to the pet store!) It arrives cold or frozen in insulated, recyclable boxes and trays—the liner is made of compostable jute too. All you have to do is put it in your fridge when you get home: The food is packed in sealed trays that will stay fresh unopened for up to 14 days, and up to 5 days after you open it. If the fridge space is tight, stick it in the freezer and defrost in your fridge a day before you serve it.

Easy fuss-free feeding.

Follow our feeding guidelines and use your dog's custom scoop to serve them the precise amount of food they need. Keep your opened food fresh with the reusable tray lid we send, and remember to wash your dog's bowl at least once a day. (You wouldn't use the same salad bowl day after day without washing it would you?! Same goes for your pup when you're serving them fresh food.)

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It's that simple—now all you have to do is sit back and watch your dog devour their real food.

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