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momo - shih tzu


Shih Tzu

"Before Momo ate Ollie, she often times would get sick (diarrhea and vomiting ) to the point of having to be rushed to the local emergency vet. We tried prescription dog food the vet recommended, but Momo would not touch it. I tried Ollie on a whim after hearing good reviews from a few friends and it was like Momo’s health issues went away overnight."

theo - mini goldendoodle


Mini Labradoodle

"Theo has always eaten anything put in front of him, however, what came out on other end was not always pleasant, loose and smelly. Since I put my Shih Tzu on Ollie I decided to try one meal a day for him with Ollie. Transform for sure his stomach gas, his potty, and he has lost a small amount of weight. He only has one meal a day of it, but, it has given excellent results. I do not think his appearance changed, unless you see his overall."

Charlie the golden


Golden Retriever

"As a puppy Charlie was the pickiest eater and eventually started losing weight. We tried every brand of dry dog food and nothing worked. The first time he tried Ollie he was hooked. He started gaining weight and was eager for his mealtimes. 5 years later, mealtimes are still his favorite! At almost six Ollie keeps him looking young, a proper weight, and with the energy of a puppy."

lexi the doodle



"Before Lexi started eating Ollie’s food she was picky and refused to eat. We went through so many different brands which was difficult considering her allergies. She LOVES the Lamb meal and we just started incorporating the Beef which she is super excited about now."

Bear the frenchie in a circle

Bear, French Bulldog

"Just wanted to thank you for making the best food for my dog! I have the sweetest French Bulldog, Bear, who has some pretty serious food intolerances/allergies. He was suffering from hair loss, skin lesions, bad odor, lethargy, and discharge from his ears from other foods we tried to feed him. I had an intolerance test done and found out there are very few foods he can tolerate! Thank goodness your turkey recipe was just perfect for him. He absolutely loves it and he is looking and feeling amazing now…thank you so much!"

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Two doodles sit on a chair

"When I got my first puppy Scar in 2018, I had no idea that fresh dog food was available so I was giving her kibble as recommended by the breeder. I noticed that she was very picky and I had to change brands almost every week because she would only eat for a few days and then stop eating it. I was so frustrated to the point that I just starved her at one point, thinking she will eventually eat her food. And then I discovered that fresh food was available for dogs. I initially started with The Farmer's Dog because I have not discovered Ollie yet. She loved fresh food and has been on it since. A few years later, I discovered Ollie and switched to it and have stayed since. I love the packaging better than The Farmer's Dog (it's less messy), and I like the quality of the food too. So when I got my second pup, Pippa, I started her on Ollie since day 1. They are both happy and healthy pups. Thank you, Ollie!" - Kristina L.

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Our fresh beef dish with sweet potatoes is the most loved Ollie recipe by pups


of pups at Ollie eat fresh chicken, turkey and beef


of Ollie pups eat an all-fresh plan


is the average weight of our pup customer


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the largest pup in the Ollie family!

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5-year-oldLabrador Retriever
5 star rating for testimonial

My dog used to leave his expensive breed specialized dog food in his bowl for hours before touching it. Since switching to Ollie he literally comes and finds me in the house and whines to be fed. He wags his tail when I feed him every time. He’s never done that before.


5 star rating for testimonial

When I first put the food in Juno's bowl he went right to it and ate it all immediately even pushed the bowl across the kitchen. I have never seen him eat his food as soon as I put it down. I knew then that I made the right decision for my dog. Ever since then he has become a dog who enjoys his food.


9-year-oldGerman Shepherd
5 star rating for testimonial

Bella is an older dog and weight control is a concern, so I love how Ollie is perfectly measured for her diet.


3-year-oldFrench Bulldog
5 star rating for testimonial

Bama loves his Ollie food, & won't eat anything else now! We've tried all 4 flavors, but beef & lamb are his faves. He LOVES the Jerky treats too! Which really surprised me because he usually won't eat dog treats!


5 star rating for testimonial

Javi, my mini goldendoodle has been LOVING meal time. He licks his bowl clean at every meal. Before Ollie, we'd have to basically beg him to eat.


5 star rating for testimonial

Rusty absolutely loves his Ollie! He did gain 3lbs, so I have switched up his order to half chicken and half beef. It’s peace of mind knowing he is getting good quality food!


3-year-oldGerman Shepherd
5 star rating for testimonial

Leia has a sensitive tummy and used to not eat (or throw up) her dry kibble. She literally jumps for joy when we pull Ollie out of the fridge. What a huge difference Ollie has made in our dog's life.

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“Most customizable dog food delivery service.”

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“Most convenient packaging.”

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"Best rigorously tested dog food."

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