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ingredients and real

Our human-grade, nutritious ingredients all add up to one helluva doggone healthy recipe.

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We’re there every step of the way ensuring quality control and safety.


To ensure our recipes are nutritionally balanced and complete.


Our recipes are made with natural ingredients like real peas and carrots that you could eat too.


To preserve the nutritional integrity of ingredients.

True health benefits.

We work with a specialized veterinarian to formulate our AAFCO-compliant recipes, deriving the exact nutrition your dog needs from natural sources like sweet potato and cod liver oil, instead of supplements. Ollie customers say that eating our food has increased their dog's energy, reduced gas, minimized skin irritations, and even improved health conditions. Our customized meal plans can also help manage weight--research published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Association shows that maintaining a healthy weight can extend your dog's life by several years.

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A process you can trust.

We gently cook our food at low temperatures so the nutritional value is preserved. Our facility in Pennsylvania is overseen by regulators who ensure that it is up to human standards.

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If your dog doesn't like it we'll give you a refund.

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