Dog sniffing at bowl of ollie next to ingredients

The easiest way to feed your dog, paws down.

How Ollie Works



We’ve distilled our quiz down to the essential questions so you can spend less time online and more time playing fetch.


Your starter box contains two weeks of food and the tools you need for easy serving at
Regular billing will automatically begin after two weeks. If your dog doesn’t love their food, we’ll fully refund your starter box.


No more last-minute trips to the pet store — we deliver your pup’s meals to your door on your schedule.
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An expert approach made personal

Once you’ve completed our quiz, we serve you up meal recommendations based on your pup's age, weight, breed, activity, and any allergies.

We know you know them best, so you can customize any part of your plan, at any time.

Dalmatian licking a window
Dalmatian licking a window

The nutrition your pup needs,
just the way they like it.

Ollie fresh turkey in a blue bowl
dog licking nose in front of Ollie fresh turkey pack


The pinnacle of quality with a soft, palatable texture that will have your pup licking the bowl clean.

Mixed chicken fresh and baked bowl
Dog eating mixed bowl


The best of both Fresh and Baked in one bowl. Mix and match flavors for maximum variety for your pup.

Ollie baked beef bowl
Dog with Baked Beef


Gently baked to preserve nutrients and pack healthful punch better than any kibble.

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When Ollie Arrives

Cue the tail wagging. Store your fresh food in the freezer and defrost it in the fridge at least 24 hours before it hits their bowl.

Our Baked recipes are shelf-stable and can be kept in their Ollie bag or a storage container. Simply scoop and serve.

Dog poking its nose into a fridge
Dog poking its nose into a fridge

Inside your starter box

Photo of stacked food packs
Photo of Ollie Baked food bags

Delicious Food

All recipes arrive ready to serve or store.

Photo of the feeding guide
Photo of dog eating Ollie fresh from a bowl

Feeding Guide

Custom instructions ensure a smooth transition and easy feeding.

Photo of scooper held by the handle
Ollie scoops for your Baked meal plans


A handy serving utensil helps dish out the perfect portion.

Ollie container to store your Ollie Fresh food
Ollie bowls to feed your Ollie Baked meals

Puptainer Or Bowl

A storage container for Fresh recipes or a bowl for your Baked recipes.

Ollie box icon

A no-sweat subscription

Want to shake things up? Change your delivery schedule or recipe selection based on what works best for you and your pup. If you are (or become) a multi-dog household, you can add pups to your account to keep mealtime easy peasy for all.

Tiny dog looking into a large Ollie box
Tiny dog looking into a large Ollie box
100% Money-back guarantee

If your dog doesn't love it, we’ll fully refund your starter box.


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