Weight Screenings for Dogs

Personalized body condition scoring and nutrition support.


Weight is the #1 indicator of a dog’s longevity

Even moderately overweight pups are at risk of reduced lifespans and a host of health issues.
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Over 50% of the US pet population is overweight or obese.
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Weight Screenings helps detect issues
and prevents unnecessary vet visits.
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With regular screenings, pups live
longer, healthier, and happier lives.

How It Works

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Download the app and upload a photo of your pup’s body

from the side directly to the app.



Get a weight analysis from our veterinary experts to

get your pup to a healthy weight.

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You can connect with the Ollie Health team for

any follow-up questions you might have. 

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Repeat screenings as needed to ensure your pup

is staying on track.

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Get a FREE Weight Screening for your pup

Add a photo of your pup from the side to get your free Weight Screening — no membership required.

Understanding your Weight Screening results

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The Ollie Health team uses body condition scoring to assess whether or not your pup is the appropriate weight.

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We use a nine-point scale to place your pup in one of three weight groups: Underweight, Healthy Weight, and Overweight.

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This is done by analyzing your pup’s profile, fat distribution, waist and rib appearance, and other key indicators.

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Reasons to get a Weight Screening for your pup

Set a baseline before your pup switches

Getting a good sense of where your pup is and where they need to go to be at their healthiest can help you make decisions confidently.

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On-demand expert advice

If you notice changes to your pup’s weight following a dietary change, surgery, injury, or other life event, the Ollie Health team can help you decide which actions to take.

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Routine check-ins

We recommend taking a new Weight Screening every three months or so to ensure your pup is maintaining or on track to achieving their ideal weight.

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Man scooping out dog food
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More Health Screenings

Dig deeper into other aspects of your pup's health with our Digestion and Dental Screenings.
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Whether you need assistance transitioning your pup to Ollie or to check in on their digestive health, our Screening will give you the gut check you need.
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Keep your canine’s canines in check in between annual cleanings, and help prevent serious health issues that can be caused by poor oral hygiene.
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Health Screenings are free for all members in the app.

Weight & Nutrition FAQs

Learn more about how Ollie’s dog food helps support a healthy weight. 

What happens when my Weight Screening photo is submitted?
Who can use the Weight Screening?
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