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Best Dog Food for
Great Danes

Made with human-grade ingredients to keep your Great Dane healthy and happy.

3 Benefits of Ollie for Great Danes

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Easy to digest

High-quality human-grade ingredients are gently cooked for better digestion and nutrient absorption.
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Keeps pups at a healthy weight

We provide the perfect portion to help your pup get to and maintain a healthy weight.
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Provides complete and balanced nutrition

We work with a veterinary nutritionist whose recipes meet or exceed AAFCO standards for nutrition for all life stages.

Breed Type: Great Dane

AKC Grouping:

  • Working group


  • Friendly

  • Dependable

  • Alert


  • Courageous when necessary 

  • People-pleasing

Average Weight:

  • 110 to 140 pounds

Health and Grooming Needs: 

  • Prone to bloat and hip dysplasia

  • Weekly brushing with a soft bristle brush

  • Routine care (e.g., nail trimming, ear cleaning, tooth brushing)

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Great Dane-specific dietary needs


Customized nutrition for the “Apollo of Dogs” is not a myth. The Great Dane may be large and in charge, but simply super-sizing their meals is not key for these gentle giants. For optimum health, the Great Dane requires high-quality, nutrient-rich animal protein to fuel their powerful and majestic form. Because the Great Dane is prone to growth-related conditions and orthopedic disorders, carefully balanced protein is crucial to their orthopedic development and long-term joint health. Protein not only builds and repairs muscles, but also is a necessary component of cartilage and ligaments. 

Ollie recipes use human-grade chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb, to cater to all palates and sensitivities. We also include nutrient-rich organ meat, such as kidney, liver, and heart, for added vitamins and minerals.

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Fat isn’t a four-letter word. Appropriate dietary fat provides your Great Dane with concentrated energy for their playful shenanigans, structural material for cell membranes and tissues, absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and—most importantly—it makes the food taste bowl-lickin’ good!

Fat for Ollie’s recipes comes from lean meats, organ meat, and superfood ingredients, such as fish oil and cod liver oil, which are chock-full of powerful omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids should be your Great Dane’s best friend—they not only put the shine in their sleek coat, but also act as an anti-inflammatory against arthritis and cancer. The fatty acids are naturally cardioprotective—because your Great Dane’s big heart isn’t always a good thing, and may indicate heart disease. 

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You no doubt often hear the claim that dogs do not need carbohydrates, referring to typical carbohydrates like cheap fillers and grains—and we agree that dogs don’t need those. Ollie uses only nutritive carbohydrate sources to:

  • Provide steady energy to your Great Dane’s brain, nervous system, and body

  • Deliver free-radical fighting antioxidants to boost the immune system

  • Improve gastrointestinal health and regularity with beneficial fiber 

When you hear the word “carbohydrate,” you likely think of bread and pasta, but Ollie thinks about multipurpose ingredients like sweet potatoes, kale, butternut squash, carrots, peas, blueberries, and chia seeds. Your Great Dane is more than a dog—shouldn’t their food be more than a meal?

Two goldendoodles happily standing on a wooden floor.

Common health issues that can be mitigated with proper diet

When giants fall, they can fall hard and, unfortunately, the Great Dane is susceptible to many serious conditions. However, a diet made from clean, whole food ingredients is a preventive and therapeutic step toward better health, and may benefit these common conditions:

  • Bloat — Portion-controlled feeding and encouraging your dog to eat slowly (e.g., a slow-feeder bowl) may reduce their risk of this life-threatening condition.

  • Hip dysplasia — Managing your Great Dane’s weight with Ollie’s customized meal plan and an omega-3-rich diet may reduce joint pain and inflammation. 

  • Cancer — Clean, fresh ingredients without artificial preservatives or additives and a diet high in omega-3’s and antioxidants may reduce cancer risk.

  • Dilated cardiomyopathy — Heart-healthy ingredients, such as those in our beef recipe, can promote vascular health and reduce inflammation.

  • Growth issues — Great Dane puppies need controlled nutrition to prevent “growing pains” and potential permanent joint damage. Ollie’s customized meal plan tailors your puppy’s calcium and phosphorus to their age and weight, to ensure appropriate development.

Your dog is your best friend, and you want to do everything possible to keep them healthy and happy. Packed with fresh ingredients and high-quality nutrients, an Ollie diet may help your Great Dane avoid health issues.

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"Best rigorously tested dog food."

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“Most customizable dog food delivery service.”

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“Best overall fresh dog food.”

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“Most convenient packaging.”

Real dog food with nothing to hide

When you take away the fillers, byproducts, and artificial flavorings, you’re left with good, clean food. We promise to never put anything in your dog’s bowl that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

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Meat-first recipes

Meat is at the forefront of all of our recipes—but not just any meat —real, high-quality protein sourced from farms in the US, New Zealand, and Australia.

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Blueberries and cranberries pack a nutritive punch, providing your pup with vitamins and antioxidants.

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Plant-based protein

Chickpeas, lentils, and peas pick up where meats leave off to offer complete and balanced protein essential to pups.

Image of kale

Leafy greens and root vegetables

From kale to sweet potatoes, veggies are a rich source of dietary fiber for digestive health (good poops!).