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Ollie's fresh flavors and feel-good benefits keep Frenchies excited for every meal
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We provide the perfect portion to help your pup get to and maintain a healthy weight.
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We work with a veterinary nutritionist whose recipes meet or exceed AAFCO standards for nutrition for all life stages.
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High-quality human-grade ingredients are gently cooked for better digestion and nutrient absorption.

The Best Ollie Recipes for French Bulldogs

Our variety of single-protein recipes ensure there’s a winning flavor

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Chicken Dish with Carrots

A nutritious and easily digestible protein, this recipe is a favorite choice for French Bulldogs with sensitive stomachs. Chicken, carrots, and rice are gentle yet satisfying, delivering essential vitamins and minerals to create a strong foundation for your pup’s diet.

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Beef Dish with Sweet Potatoes

This recipe combines hearty, flavorful prime-cut beef with bright orange sweet potatoes for a satisfying stick-to-their-ribs dining experience. High in protein and fiber, this makes it a popular choice for French Bulldogs of all ages.

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Turkey Dish with Blueberries

An all-rounder recipe that helps build muscle and improve skin and coat health for French Bulldogs. Added blueberries, carrots, and kale deliver a powerful punch of immune-boosting antioxidants and flavor.

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Pork Dish with Apples

Pork is a nontraditional protein which makes it ideal for French Bulldogs that are prone to allergies to common proteins. This lean white meat is accompanied by fresh apples, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes for healthy, gut-soothing fiber.

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All about French Bulldog's specific dietary needs
French Bulldog


French Bulldogs need a moderate amount of high-quality, lean, muscle meats to provide them with energy, strong muscles, and healthy bones, without excess that can lead to weight gain.

The companionable French Bulldog can be an athlete or a loafer, making the right protein balance essential to fuel their fun and prevent obesity. Ollie uses only human-grade proteins, including lamb, beef, chicken, and turkey, that help French Bulldogs stay lean and feel full after meals.

In addition to the muscle meat from these protein sources, we add organ meat for essential vitamins and minerals like iron and magnesium, as well as non-allergenic plant proteins, including lentils and peas, which are gentle on the French Bulldog’s sensitive digestive tract.

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French Bulldogs may act like big dogs, but they have a small breed’s accelerated metabolism, and require concentrated energy from healthy dietary fats to keep their internal processes humming. 

Ollie includes moderate fat from multiple high-quality sources, including animal proteins, eggs, and cod liver oil, to deliver usable energy and high levels of essential fatty acids—including omega-3—for improved digestive and cardiovascular health, as well as nourishment for the Frenchie’s sensitive skin and coat.

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French bulldogs can be sensitive to grains like wheat and corn, we use rice in some of our recipes because it is generally well-tolerated by pups.

While there is no official guidance from AAFCO on carbs, Ollie delivers quality nutrition in every bite. From leafy greens like spinach and kale to orange powerhouses like pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, and butternut squash, we add only the best to fuel your adventure. Our ingredients are great sources of fiber with the addition of blueberries and superfoods like chia seeds.

Nutrient-dense recipes with leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, antioxidant-rich blueberries, pumpkin, sweet potato, and butternut squash power your French Bulldog and help them feel full while eating less, reducing their obesity and bloat risk.

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French Bulldogs have a hearty appearance, but their health is easily swayed by the foods they eat. These common conditions are influenced by nutrition: 

  • Obesity — Moderate protein and fat from lean animal sources, as well as healthy dietary fiber, can ensure proper nutrition and maintain body weight. Portioned meals regulate calorie intake and improve digestion.

  • Allergies and skin disorders — Diets containing clean ingredients free from preservatives, flavorings, and chemicals, and high in omega-3’s have an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Food sensitivity — Diets with limited and recognizable non-allergen ingredients reduce inflammation and improve flatulence, loose stools, vomiting, and skin conditions.

Your dog is your best friend, and you want to do everything possible to keep them healthy and happy. Packed with fresh ingredients and high-quality nutrients, an Ollie diet may help your French Bulldog avoid health issues. 

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Introducing your French Bulldog to Ollie

How you transition your French Bulldog to a new food can determine whether or not they accept the change. Successful transitions involve gradually introducing the new food a little at a time while removing equal portions of the old food over a 7 to 10-day period. This gives your dog’s digestive tract a chance to adapt and prevents stress or anxiety that an abrupt, cold-turkey switch could cause.


Here’s a sample timeline to help you make a smooth switch

DAYS 1-3

Feed 25% Ollie, 75% old food

DAYS 4-6

Feed 50% Ollie, 50% old food

DAYS 7-9

Feed 75% Ollie, 25% old food

DAY 10

Feed 100% Ollie!

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