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Ollie 101

The inside scoop on repping and writing for our brand.

A kitchen counter with a vast array of Ollie products.

Brand Guidelines

  • Call us Ollie — we won’t answer to anything else! Capitalize Ollie at all times unless you’re using our social handle (@ollie) or URL (myollie.com).

  • We offer Fresh and Baked food, not to be confused with Wet and Dry/Kibble. We work like dogs to distance ourselves from the other guys.

  • Ollie is a pretty popular name, so use #ToKnowThemIsToLoveThem or our social handle @ollie 

  • We love a good tagline. A couple of approved ones include:

    • To know them is to love them

    • Nutrition, wellness, and love for exactly who your dog is

    • Not just good food, the right food

A dog eating Ollie's fresh dog food in a bowl on the kitchen floor, next to an Ollie fresh pack and fresh ingredients placed in a plate.

Our Mission

Ollie isn’t just good food but the right food. We believe that our pups’ health and happiness are non-negotiable, and we simply do not feel right until our pups eat right. We see dogs as unique individuals with their own preferences and needs and craft our products to keep them healthy and happy for as long as canine-ly possible.

For us, love is in the details. Whether it’s the high-quality ingredients we select for our protein-first recipes or our superior customer service, we’re committed to providing pups and their parents with the best experience.

A happy dog and human owner next to an open box of Ollie full of an array of Ollie products on the table of the dining room.

How Ollie Works

  1. Tell us about your pup

    • Take our quick quiz to get a customized meal plan tailored to your pup’s individual needs. You can adjust your plan at any time.

  2. Get your starter box

    • Receive about two weeks of meals (depending on your pup’s size), a Welcome Kit, and a personalized feeding guide. Your Welcome Kit includes one or more of the following:

      • Puptainer - for storing fresh packs in the fridge

      • Fresh scoop - for portioning and serving fresh food

      • Baked scoop - for portioning and serving baked food

  3. Get a free Digestion Screening

    • Make the switch to Ollie as smooth as possible with a free Digestion Screening. Simply snap a photo of your pup’s stool and get personalized advice from our expert Ollie Health team.

  4. Build a healthy routine

    • Our meal plans are adaptable to the unique needs and preferences of your pup. Choose from three plans: Full Fresh, Mixed Bowl, and Half Fresh, and customize your recipes, delivery schedule, and Extras (treats and supplements) to create your pup’s perfect routine.

Our Food

We have seven recipes — five fresh, two baked, all human-grade and made with the highest quality ingredients we can get our paws on.
All of Ollie's five fresh dog food recipes in a packs, stacked up.

Fresh Meals

The pinnacle of pup nutrition, our fresh meals are gently cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and flavor, then frozen at peak freshness just before they’re delivered to your door.

Beef Dish with Sweet Potatoes

Chicken Dish with Carrots

Turkey Dish with Blueberries

Lamb Dish with Cranberries

Pork Dish with Apples

Ollie's Gently Baked Beef Dish with Sweet Potatoes bag next to Ollie's Gently Baked Chicken Dish with Carrots bag.

Baked Meals

Our baked recipes offer high-quality, human-grade meals at a convenience. They are the perfect accompaniment to our fresh food for dogs who love a little variety of texture and flavor.

Baked Beef with Sweet Potatoes

Baked Chicken with Carrots


Our Extras include treats, supplements, and dental chews. Members can add them to their subscription box or make a one-time purchase through our Amazon store or Petco stores nationwide.
All of Ollie's six treats in their bag packaging.


Jerky Strips

Crunchy Treats

Training Treats

All four of Ollie's Dental Chews bags in the available sizes - extra small, small, medium, and large

Dental Chews

Dental chews make it easy to stay on top of your pup’s dental health in between cleanings to prevent periodontal disease and certain heart diseases linked to poor oral hygiene. 

  • Highly digestible and designed to encourage chewing to effectively and naturally clean dogs’ teeth and gums

  • Made with parsley and cinnamon to freshen breath

  • Available in your pup’s size: extra small, small, medium, large

All of Ollie's five supplements in their tub packaging.


These daily chews are designed to target specific needs and provide an added boost of support for dogs of all life stages.

All our products are...

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US facilities
No additives icon


artificial ingredients, flavors, and preservatives
No fillers icon


corn, wheat, or soy
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in small batches

Health Screenings

Quick and personalized advice on important areas of a dog’s health to detect early warning signs and help tackle them head-on. Available only in the Ollie mobile app.
Phone screen capturing a picture of a dog's mouth and teeth in the background.

About our Health Screenings

  • Four Health Screening types are available: Transition Digestion Screening, Digestion Screening, Weight Screening, Dental Screening

  • An Ollie app exclusive, pup parents simply upload images to the app to have them reviewed by our dedicated Ollie Health team

  • All Health Screenings are reviewed by our team of veterinary professionals

  • Results will include personalized and actionable next steps 

  • All Health Screenings are free and unlimited as part of an Ollie membership

Close-up of Ollie's Health Screening on the phone, available only on the Ollie app.

How Health Screenings work:

  1. Download the Ollie app for free from the Apple or Google app stores

  2. Choose your Health Screening

  3. Upload photos of your pup directly to the app (see specific screenings for photo specifications)

  4. Get personalized feedback from our expert Ollie Health team

  5. Review and connect with our vets about any next steps

  6. Repeat screenings every three months or as needed

Dog getting its top-view photographed on their owner's phone from above.

Transition Digestion Screening

  • Great for pups and their parents who need a little extra help transitioning to Ollie’s fresh food

  • Helps set a baseline for digestive health prior to starting Ollie to make it easy to track changes and improvements along the way

Digestion Screenings

  • Get a gut check on your pup’s digestive health, and rest assured that their Ollie diet is working for them

  • Get on-demand advice from our expert Ollie Health team at milestone moments, while introducing new recipes, or any time you need it

Weight Screenings

  • Tip the scales in your pup’s favor and prevent weight-related illnesses and ailments with a Weight Screening.

  • Get a body composition assessment from our expert Ollie Health team and personalized diet and exercise recommendations based on your pup’s screening results.

  • NEW! Non-members can now take advantage of a free Weight Screening to find out how their pup stacks up.

Dental Screenings

  • Keep your canine’s canines in check in between annual cleanings

  • Help prevent serious health issues that can be caused by tartar build-up and poor oral hygiene.

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Minimal processing
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No fillers
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No artificial flavors
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High-quality ingredients
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Crafted in US Facilities
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Minimal processing
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wheat with line through it
No fillers
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No artificial flavors
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High-quality ingredients
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Crafted in US Facilities
A mom, three kids, and two dogs happily playing with each other in the living room with Ollie treats.

Sample Scripts

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Ollie’s freshly cooked food is the simplest way to keep your dog happy and healthy at any age. Our delicious recipes were crafted with vet nutritionists and ensure mealtime stays fresh and exciting for your pup. Tell us all about your pup, and we’ll create a custom meal plan just for them. Get 50% off your first box of meals when you subscribe today!


Attention dog parents! It’s obvious our pup wants what we are eating. How about feeding them delicious, freshly cooked recipes delivered to your door? That’s what Ollie offers—nutritionally balanced, human-grade recipes with high-quality protein, fruits, and vegetables. Each recipe is gently cooked at low temps to preserve nutrients and provide flavors your dogs will love! If you wouldn’t eat it, Ollie keeps it off your dog’s plate. No fillers, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Ollie delivers real food to your door. Take the online quiz and introduce Ollie to your pet. Visit Ollie Dot Com today for 50% off your first box of meals!