At Ollie,
we always keep it real.

To really know us, first you need to understand our relationship with our dogs. So we wrote them a letter...

First of all, we saw what you did behind the couch, and while we can appreciate the creativity, it really wasn’t necessary. In spite of that and all the other times you make us shake our head or roll our eyes, you’re still the cutest animal there ever was (not biased at all).

Clearly we want you to be with us as long as humanly (and canine-ly) possible. And to us, that means giving you food that makes you feel as good as it tastes. We took a closer look at what was out there, searched high and low, and we couldn’t find anything we felt good about feeding you. (Have you read a dog food label? What the heck is butylated hydroxyanisole?!)

So we decided to make it ourselves—food that gives you the nutrition you need with the convenience we need. Not that we’re lazy or anything (we take you on long walks, right?) but we shouldn’t have to schlep to the store. It’s 2022!

Here’s what we did: We teamed up with canine nutritionists to develop cooking methods and personalized formulas through a kickass algorithm (because, science.) And we made it super easy for us humans with packaging that keeps it fresh, measuring the perfect portion in case we feed you before our morning coffee… and delivering it to our aka your home.

Basically, we worked like dogs to make sure you could have the very best, because you are the best.