At Ollie,
we always keep it real.

We know you care about what goes into your dog's food as much as we do (and that's a lot!) so we wanted to lift the curtain and show you exactly where and how Ollie is made.

We take our cooking seriously.

New Jersey. That's where the real food magic happens at Ollie. Our facility is human-grade, so you can rest easy knowing that it meets all the necessary safety standards—and you could eat the food that's made there, too.

Meet the humans behind the scenes.

We have sky-high standards, and a big part of ensuring them is knowing the people who work at our facility. They are there every step of the way, making sure your dog's food is properly handled—like Ted, our facility manager, who oversees every aspect of the facility, and runs quality assurance before the product leaves the door. And Sam, the head chef (that's him in the middle) who cooks the food, constantly monitoring the portioning of the ingredients going in, the temperature, and making sure the outcome is consistent in every batch.


Our low-temperature cooking process

Ingredients like our high-quality meat, peas and carrots arrive every week from our carefully selected vendors. We cook them at a low temperature in small batches in our kettle cooker to preserve the high quality vitamins and minerals naturally found in real food. And every batch is tested by third party labs to ensure its quality and safety before sending it out. (We're dorky and love data, ok?)


Custom portions and high-tech sealing

Right after it's cooked, our food is cooled to bring the temperature down, carefully weighed, and portioned into trays customized for for your dogs exact serving size needs. The trays are then sealed with modified atmosphere packaging, a common process used for human-grade foods that slows the speed of oxidation, to ensure freshness without the use of preservatives or chemicals.


Packed to perfection.

Jarred and Derek carefully fill our insulated boxes with your dog's food and all the supplies you need before shipping them out, to guarantee that you and your pup will be happy (and well fed) when it arrives at your door. Cue the drooling.